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The Grub4Life Recipe Manual

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Standard recipes are essential to help manage food budgets.
Central purchasing allows for the use of standard, specific ingredients e.g.Low salt stock, yoghurts with appropriate levels of sugar which take into consideration the special nutritional needs of children under 5.

Central purchasing is only effective if the supplier understands the special nutritional issues affecting the under 5s and has the flexibility to source suitable ingredients.
This Manual provides:
Help with planning your menu
Template Menu
Poultry recipes
Fish recipes
Vegetarian recipes
Light meals
Cooks Tips
Ingredient Substitutions

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The G4L Food & Nutrition Policy Manual

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  • Nutrient-based standards for food prepared for 1-4 year olds
  • Nutrition Training
  • Food Related Customs
  • Nutrient based standards for food prepared for 3-4 year olds in child care 12
  • Dietary Reference Values for Energy and Nutrients for under 5s.
  • Haem and non-haem sources of iron
  • Recipes adaptations or menu substitutes
  • Food related customs
  • Recipe adaptations
  • Portion size guide
  • Monthly allergen check list
  • Ingredients lists
  • Wheat and wheat products to avoid
  • Sources of calcium (portions appropriate for pre-school children)
  • Special diets
  • Nutritional guidelines for infants
  • Infant Developmental Stages
  • Key Nutrient training:
  • FNMad

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