Are you Allergy Aware?

We all know:

– the ever present danger of Food Allergy in the childcare sector

– a misunderstanding between food allergy and food preference can be the difference of life and death

–5 – 8% of all children under the age of 5 have serious food allergies

– There is a paucity of training in the sector for allergy understanding

–  Nor  is there a requirement for practitioners to receive any training in Food Allergy Management

– No requirement for Chefs/cooks to have any catering qualification let alone any nutrition or food allergy management training.

– EYFS does not even mention food allergy management and makes only very tenuous reference to good nutrition.

But did we know?

■  EU legislation requires EYCs to carry the same level of due diligence in their food allergy management as The big five supermarkets, restaurants, airlines, schools, hospitals and other food provider.

■ The EYC must declare whether any of 14 allergens are present in every serving of food and drink they provide to children in their care

■ This legislation effects nurseries, children’s centres, play schools, childminders- Any EYCs who provides, meals, drinks or snacks.

■  Enforceable by law.

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You could get 100% funding for Allergy Training if you are a not for profit or charitable organisation

Or buy resources for as little as £50 [+VAT]


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